Communism and Comrades were on the agenda in Year 5 this morning.

Relax - Animal Farm was on the KS2 reading list.

Job's a good 'un, etc.

I had my own little run in with the class struggle as I took on the Senior Management Team.

The area for conflict?

The use of bloody comic sans font for a very important school policy.


More positive were the rehearsals for the Year 6 school play. They are still just under a month until showtime. I was genuinely blown away by the energy and enthusiasm.

Come kicking out time and I foolishly signed up for the latest fitness thing that the younger members of staff are now raving about.

Insanity is no more - it's now all about Ripped.

It involved an awful lot of shadow boxing.

I was out-boxed at every turn.

I cycled off to the lovely lido early evening for a come down swim.

It was absolutely GLORIOUS.

This is our South London public back garden, albeit one with an outdoor Olympic sized swimming pool placed in one corner.

The Lake Brockwell sun trap was set once again.

How does that happen? Those four art deco walls always seem to radiate the South London sun.

I took my place on the new decking.


Twelve lazy lengths of swimming followed.

I then fired up Our Favourite Shop (again) on the iPod, and fell asleep with within record time.

And then a cycle back to Sunny Stockwell.

I'm about to spend only the second night with my wife in five years. London.

Had you there, girls :wink:

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