A singing West Ham Wanker in the showers to start off Wednesday morning.

Oh Lordy.

One of the many tales from Mr Wanker is that he was once a show singer in the West End.

Straight outta the London glittering theatres, straight into a shower in Sunny Colchester.

I put my earplugs in as I continued to shampoo the short and curlies.

And then the familiar recent weekday routine followed.

Water the lawn, bed down for work, Late Junction, bits of cricket and being disturbed every five minutes by the mad cat.

Cheers, luv.

Luncheon was taken with PMQ's.

It was surprising how well behaved it all was without the big knobs at the despatch box.

A nodding Will Quince MP has now become a Wednesday lunchtime regular.


And then a run of afternoon work shifts, some gardening, the twaddle of the Labour Leadership debate, and then the delight of the ODI.

Disappearing to South London for a week tomorrow.

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