Up early on Saturday morning, awoken by the spectacular estuary wilds storms.

British Summer Time.

Love it.

The planned roll out on the road bike was aborted.

And so a run instead.

I'm not sure where that idea came from. It just seemed like the right thing to do.

This was my first serious run [ha!] with the new pair of running shoes.

They didn't fall apart around my feet, which is something.

It was a steamy run.


It was also a joyful run seeing the little baby rabbits bounce around the perimeter of the University.


Yep - I've become a bloody hippy.

Back at base and the mad cat has been a little sheepish of late.

Baaa, meowww, etc.

The poor thing had a run in yesterday with a big bully of a boy cat from a few gardens away.

I think he wanted to get a little too friendly with her.

She spent most of the morning looking worryingly nervous and jumpy. It was a bit heartbreaking to be honest.

Luncheon was spent in the pool with Anna.

We swam parallel for 40 lengths. She pushed me to be honest. She was also the one who was out on the BOOZE the night before.

We cycled straight from the pool out towards Sunny Colch.

Jewellery was on the agenda - his, not hers.

Oh dear.

And then an afternoon / evening of BOOZE with @oli and his birthday celebrations.

Chin chin.

We caught the train back to base with the bikes, and then cycled from the station back home.

Anna wasn't finished in pushing me physically further still.

A sprint up the big hill and she declared:

"I had you there."

You've NEVER had me, darling.

So there.

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