A tired ride out to the pool, followed by a tired swim.

Some swims are better than others.

Hey hoe.

There's no such thing as a bad swim though.

I gently rolled in back to base and surveyed the garden ahead of the working day.

Gotta say it's looking beautiful.

This is the best that it has appeared in the five summers that we have been blessed by these estuary wilds golden rays.

I note however that the raspberry situation is soon to be upon us once again.

And so it begins.

Work was flip flopped between @RobertElms and the ODI back at The Oval.

Funky Friday was a treat - half an hour of Bob themed funk for the birthday boy Mr Elms.

Meanwhile over at The Oval and I was reminded as to why @surreycricket decided to pass on the option of sticking with Chris Jordan.

Ta for coming, etc.

Work was even less inspiring than the swim.

Some working days are better than others, etc.

We headed out to Sunny Colch early evening for the re-opening / re-branding of firstsite.

Gosh, it bloody well needed it.

We last went a couple of months ago one Saturday afternoon. The place was dying on its golden arse.

But firstsite can hopefully move forward.

Friday was all about catching up with the old 15 Queen Street crowd and some general Cultural Quarter silliness.

This scene is missed by many. But hopefully a new one can emerge out of the rebirth of firstsite.

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