An impromptu poppy photo shoot en route to the pool this morning.

I think that we have hit peak poppy season out in the estuary wilds. One of the fields looking down over the Colne Valley is alight with radiant red colours.

Back in the pool and it was another 50 length power swim. I'd forgotten how well the combination of a time trial the night before goes with an early morning swim.

Cover to Cover with @RobertElms was I Live on a Battlefield - Nick Lowe Vs Paul Carrack.

The depth of Nick Lowe's songwriting is quite astonishing. I Live on a Battlefield stands up there with his greats.

The GLORIOUS estuary wilds sun was to strong too resist late afternoon.

I downed tools, headed for the garden and put up the hammock.

I've been promising myself all week a start to finish playback of Our Favourite Shop - released 30 years ago this week.

The moment just felt right.

I made a milky cup of tea, stepped into the hammock and...

...fell asleep before the end of Homebreakers, the first track.

I awoke just under an hour later, slightly sun burnt.


A couple of FoI's then dropped, one for over here, and one for over there.

Both have drawn a blank response.


t20 cricket / du dauphine / DARTS took up Thursday evening.

Plus some booze.

Chin chin.

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