Some early morning Brixton Buzz catching up.

I've resolved to at least to try and bash out one blog post per day.

The news list is never ending. But there are some absolute crackers in there.

The challenge is to sort out the worthy, as well as making sure that they are written whilst they still hold some news value.

And then a swim.

Quite a swim as well.

FIFTY power lengths with a lane to myself.

Very happy with that.

I stopped off at the pharmacy on the way back to pick up some treatment for my little problems.


It was the same thing this time last year - a fungal nail infection.

Once again - apologies lido friends and lovers for having to put up with the bloody gruesome mess.

Last year the Colchester chiropodist ground it down.

And then it all grew back.


And so this year I've gone for the full acid treatment. I've been told to expect to see an improvement within the next 12 months.

Learn to live with it, lido friends and lovers.

A bit of PMQ catching up over luncheon, and yep - there he is. Looks like Will Quince has blagged that seat behind the PM for the duration.

I was stuck indoors all afternoon and early evening with the work shifts.

The estuary wilds golden rays just seemed right for some Stylistics.

And then the Isleys.

Summer is here.


It was with a huge sense of satisfaction that I started the process to ditch the bloody dreadful first utility.

My contract comes to a close next month. I've still yet to be billed correctly after being with the supplier for almost a year.

I found out later in the afternoon that Private Eye has picked up on our Brixton Buzz Helen Hayes story.


The new MP for Dulwich and West Norwood was remarkably keen last month to tell us that THERE IS NO STORY here.

We disagreed.

It's good to see that Private Eye agrees with the Brixton Buzz approach.

And then a Windy Midweek Wobbler to end the day.

I was turning the big ring at a steady pace, until a time trial boy drew level.

He had the full kit - space helmet, time trial bars.

Bollocks, I thought.

I let him press ahead.

But he wasn't getting free.

I tucked behind his back wheel for around 500m, and then thought bugger this.

I passed him and allowed him to catch my stream.

Except he couldn't keep up.

Ta for coming, etc.

I burned him off and returned back to base with an average speed of 28kmh over a 32km route.


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