A Tamla Tuesday of sorts to start off the day.

It's pretty much Motown by Numbers, but this TV album from 1986 was my first introduction to get on the good foot with some soul shufflin'.

I've got it on cassette still - CASSETTE.

Sadly no functional tape player in which to play it.

And so I put together a Spotify play list first thing.

I remember playing the tape most mornings to start the day when I first started college back in September '86, all the way through until the following summer.

I doubt if my obsessive musical listening habit will return for the next six months, but it's nice to have a familiar old friend back whenever I fancy a bit of an early morning bop.

The rest of the morning just drifted in work and admin.

Payments arrived, along with some bills.

One step up, two steps back etc.

The water metre is proving to be a bit of a STAR though.

We've saved £180 since it was fitted 12 months ago.

I haven't washed since, to be honest.

Meanwhile - In Brixton Rec Boiler News: Brixton Rec to get a new boiler.


You won't read this type of story ANYWHERE else.


It was also something of an FoI friendly morning. Four were slapped in.


I did some catching up with @RobertElms early afternoon.

How absolutely delightful to hear Maxwell back with yer man.


I opened up iTunes a little later in the day.


What a bloody mess.

I thought that I had everything organised.

Apparently not.

I started the slow process of organising tracks into albums, sourcing cover art and generally doing some cleaning up.

Work shifts / ODI cricket / school work concluded Tuesday.

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