Up just after sunlight (just) to see Anna off on the first train to South London.

I love this time of year.

Things to do, chores to carry out. The early bird etc can be a bit of a pain, but I'm much more productive as we enter mid-summer when compared to peak winter.

I cycled off to the pool, almost coming a cropper on the endless broken glass patches that currently line the route.

We're in the season of student celebrations for the end of year exams.

Which also mean broken bottles all over the roads.

I had an impromptu Wivenhoe Forum editorial meeting (HA) during the return leg back to base.

Most of the working day was spent in the company of @surreycricket.

Day 2 of the Championship match up at Leicestershire and the ball-by-ball commentary was gripping.


An afternoon discussing the merits of leg byes is how I roll right now.

It then came to my attention that it was 30 years ago today since this TV commercial first appeared.


It still sounds fresh; it looks even more relevant.

I fired up iTunes and played Our Favourite Shop from start to finish, singing along, word perfect for all 13 songs.

Probably the best album from Probably the Best Pop Group in the World.

Most of the remainder of Monday was spent with a Style Council spring in my step.

This was a band for the three seasons of spring, summer and the autumn.

Merton Mick and yer man always hibernated for the winter months.

I managed all five discs of The Complete Adventures of The Style Council.



Keep the Faith.

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