A Wifey Weekend Roll Out to start off Sunday morning.

As ever, I had absolutely no idea where Anna was taking me.

I did recognise the run in though as we approached the lanes that had been freshly laid with gravel just over a month ago.


But to my surprise the gravel had bedded down, and they rode rather smoothly.

Elsewhere and EVERYTHING else around the estuary wilds just appears green.

Most of the ride was undertaken underneath a glorious green canopy of trees in full leaf.

The hippy nature shit thing continued for the rest of the morning. We both did a blitz of the front and back gardens, chopping and clearing up.

The back lawn had been transformed over the past month with Patch Magic.

I'm amazed each year as to how effective it is.

I headed out after luncheon for a brief swim.

The pool was absolutely empty, yet still the legend of West Ham Wanker took hold.

Even with yer man currently out of the country, the conversation in the changing rooms was all about... West Ham Wanker.


I think.

Late afternoon was spent collapsing in the hammock listening to the Surrey commentary away at Grace Road.

I dozed off just before the tea interval, and then awoke to find that the 'rrey had lost a further five wickets.

What happened there?

The rest of the evening was spent emptying and cleaning out the shed.

Live dangerously, etc.

We caught the end of Allez Wiggo's hour record.

Anna asked:

"What time do you think he will do it in?


For some rather odd reason we caught up with the Marr Liz Kendall interview whilst eating our evening pasta.

Another cutting comment from Anna:

"If the Comrades are going to go with a right wing nut job, then why not choose the MP for Croydon North?"

Good point, well made etc.

We then played a bonkers game of seeing how many artist names we recognised from the Top 40 singles and album charts.

I predicted that I would have heard of five from the singles chart, and hopefully twenty from the album charts.

I was spot on for both counts.

I felt like a High Court Judge.

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