Booze free from the night before at The Oval and I awoke BUZZING for the Brockwell Park Run on Saturday morning.

I cycled off to the Beauty of Brockwell with time to spare. Usually I arrive at the bicycle racks by the lido just as the race is about to start.

I had time for a gentle stretch, some Lido Icicle catch ups, and then the rendez vous with Madam Pacemaker.

"I had half a bottle of red last night"

...she sheepishly declared.

I felt like sending her off on a pre-race circuit of the park for punishment.

We jostled our way to the front at the start, started off Strava and then legged it.

At least I did.

Madam Pacemaker was caught up in the pack.

I slowed down slightly. We were reunited at the foot of Cressingham Hill.

The rest of the race (oh, it's not a race) felt ACE.

I even managed to stick with Madam Pacemaker all the way up BMX Hill.

We had a fist pump moment to celebrate the achievement. I think that we both felt slightly silly.

And the final timing?

3 seconds off a bloody PB.

THREE seconds.


And then it was time for the race comedown with a purification in the waters of Lake Brockwell.

Boy - it was BUSY for 9:30am on a Saturday morning.

The rubber boys and girls are still doing their thing. The lazy lido sunbathers are also out in force as well.

Hey hoe - the lido is there to be used.

I found myself trapped behind a Bubble Boy. The ferocity in which he kicked his legs for the crawl created a blind spot for me.

I waited half a length at one point to put some distance between us, only then to be trapped by a Bubble Girl for the remainder of the swim.

I just don't get it.

My crawl technique is all about the top torso. The legs remain pretty stationary.

Still, there's no such thing as a bad swim.

I left Lake Brockwell GRINNING.

A few domestics back in Sunny Stockwell, and then it was time to head back over there.

Oh dear.

It wasn't that bad.

Anna and I watched the t20 on Sky through the looking glass of some local pale ales.

And then we ventured out Quayside and straight into the post-Regatta booze fest crash site.

Chin chin.

Back at base and the BOOZE followed with the folly of the European Cup Final.


Two stars on the bade etc.

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