Early morning indecision for Sunday.

To run or to swim?

The body was about as undecided as the weather.

The default choice is of course to swim. But Mr BBC Weather Man was telling me that South London was in for a drenching.

Mr BBC Weather Man was wrong. I felt it all along in my lido bones.

And so a swim it was.

Not for long, mind. Ten lengths and that was your lot in Lake Brockwell for this morning.

Lido Peter was also in the water not so bright, but definitely early.

We had a date arranged for later in the morning.

My absolute FAVE Brockwell Icicle has been asking about an Oval trip for almost a year now. A top of the table clash Vs Lancashire seemed like the right moment.

But once again Mr BBC Weather Man was doing my head in.

A poolside decision of f-it was made at 9am.

An hour and a half later and I was wearing a freshly ironed crips white shirt and a cravat.

And yep - it was bloody raining.

The four hours or so with no play were spent perfectly.

It's rare that I get the chance for a really good catch up with Lido Peter. We walked around the ground and explored everything within.

We even stopped for a 29p Lidl croissant.

Red Maz of Bal'ham joined us for the afternoon session, just as the 'rrey were walking out to bat.

Plus some bloody loud cricket bores who most certainly weren't part of our party.

We moved a tier down below, just in time to see KP head back into the hutch.

A quick catch up back in the Sunny Stockwell flat, and then I had to head back to... over there for Essex responsibilities.

Live irresponsibly, I say.

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