Up early on Saturday morning to make it to the start line for the Brockwell Park Run.

Madam Pacemaker meant business.

I've come to accept that I can live with her for the first lap.

BMX Hill is where she puts on her race face however.

I gave her the signal, and just let her get on with it.

Job done.

She use to pace me; now it's the other way around.

Madam Pacemaker fell just four seconds off a PB. I like to think that if I kept the pace, I could have pushed her on.

I was 27 seconds off my PB. I was fairly pleased. I wasn't really trying for the second half of the course.

MUST get over that mental block for Brockwell's BMX Hill.

I then sat in the sun poolside at the lovely lido, rather head straight in with a dry dive.

It was just so gorgeous as the art deco sun trap contained the Transpontine sun.

I had a decent conversation with Tim, and then made my move.

Twenty lengths later and I felt ACE.

Some lazy sunbathers were starting to gather in what we use to call Toker's Corner.

How times change.

But yeah - Lido Days are with us once again.

The South London sun wasn't exactly strong, but I felt the urge to snap away around the park.

I had some time to spare. The Lido wild meadow slope was looking truly stunning.

This is the third year that the seeds have been scattered in early spring. Where once we use to queue up all hot and bothered for the old entrance, is now the most amazing meadow.

I continued walking up towards the top of the park and had a brief look out over the City.

This was my first London view some twenty summers ago.

And now we have the Shard, the Walkie Talkie, the Cheesgrater et al.

The cluster effect is very visible from the tennis court top of the park.

The Secret Garden was next up on my To Snap list.

I think that it's in my diary for around mid-June to capture in full glory.

I've been documenting the garden in pics for the past decade, always around the peak of mid-summer.

I realised this morning that late May is the time to capture it.

It was truly AMAZING.

The garden was more or less empty. The flowers looked almost edible.

I had a bit of a South London Moment.

And then out went the shout of:

To Peckham!

Oh Lordy.

My South London more or less ends at the fag end of Camberwell. Peckham is... peculiar to me.

I've heard fanciful tales of how the Hipster Line has transformed it.

What I saw wasn't that bad.

On my agenda was to explore the Coal Line as part of the Chelsea Fringe project.

This is a disused coal railway line that a group of local people are attempting to open up as an urban walkway.

I tagged along on an incredibly informative and over-subscribed walking tour.

If enthusiasm alone could carry the Coal Line, then the project should fill the potential.

I cycled all the way back to Sunny Stockwell for a few household chores.

I'm quite enjoying cleaning the new windows.

A bit of school work followed, and then it was almost Kick Off time.

I boycotted the Cup Final.

That's right.


Who the chuffers was playing anyway?

This isn't the game that I grew up loving. A 5:30pm KO for the showpiece of the season is just crap.

I do confess to listening to the radio for Abide With Me, and having a bit of a manly weak moment.


And then early evening it was:

To The Globe!

The Merchant of Venice left me a bit Meh last month.

As You Like It however was ACE.

Bankside belly laughs from start to finish.

I ROARED off the actors with great delight come the final bow.

Plus I had a little jig.

That was a day.

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