Brilliant Brockwell blue skies for the early morning swim.

The water was fast and choppy - the way that I like it.

A late breakfast back in Sunny Stockwell, and then I headed out to the National Theatre for Tuttle.

In the short space of just under an hour, the weather had turned from Brockwell Blue to a South London soaking.

I walked along an almost deserted South Bank, listening to the Cathal Smyth album, something that I simply can't resist repeated plays of.

It's very much a London album, without any overt references.

It felt just right walking along the banks of the Old Father as the rain came down.

I made it to Tuttle, albeit slightly late.

This was the first time in over a year that I have met up with the random Friday morning gathering of thinkers and conversationalists.

Half term week does wonders for the soul.

As ever, I barely knew anyone. The best conversations come out of these situations.

Somehow the conversation turned towards Brixton and online action.

"You should read Jason Cobb's Brixton Buzz pieces"

...was one observation.


I then legged it over the river and on to St Paul's.

The lunchtime Eucharist was on the agenda.


I'm no man of the cloth, but I'm also no man that will fork out £15 or so just to enter a bloody church (OK, Cathedral.)

Sitting through the Eucharist is the penny-pinching way in which to gain entry to St Paul's for free.

The service itself was quite peaceful.

I was sitting next to a Eucharist groupie who knew the script better than the robed up chap leading from the front.

I spent most of the time just looking up in awe of the architecture.

I declined the bread and wine, although I wasn't alone in having a slight chuckle when the robed up fella necked a whole glass of the leftovers.

Chin chin.

Vague plans were in place for the afternoon.

But the weather was an arse.

I just started started walking, and didn't really stop until I reached the Elephant.

I was snapping away for most of the route, taking in many side streets and avoiding the main London Bridge drag.

And then an afternoon of admin in the flat followed, with some @surreycricket t20 action in the evening.

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