West Ham Wanker had some wise words of wisdom during the early morning swim on Thursday:

"If you wear arm bands then you won't get swimming sickness."

Cheers for that, fella.

Not that I've ever felt the need to throw up whilst going through my front crawl routine.

West Ham are looking for a new manager.

West Ham Wanker is yer man.

I was Sunny Stockwell bound mid-morning for the next week or so.

A planned train strike might even provide me with an extended Transpontine holiday.

Here's hoping.

The front garden in the flat continues to bloom.


At least it did after I had cleared out the Coke cans and crisp packets from the past few days.

I never appreciated previously just how much of a South London sun trap this is. The rays come down from the direction of Battersea Power from first thing, and never seem to disappear.

A bit of household stuff filled the afternoon, and then it was:

To Westminster!

Oh Lordy.

I had an appointment with an MP.

But what to wear?

I ruled out the classic pinstripe. Every politico walks around Parliament looking like a clone.

I opted instead for the cream trousers, the boating jacket and the cravat.

Oh dear.

The plan was to look like a fetching Sir Humphrey.

Instead I ended up more like a washed out Weller from The Cost of Loving period.


The chat was charming. As expected.

Nothing in particular, just an exchange of views and information.

Well I never.

I wandered off towards the West End early evening.

There was a flash sale along Carnaby Street.

Yeah, yeah. I know.

I'm after a long sleeved Fred Perry. eBay has plenty, but I need to really try something on first.

I've not been the Ace Face along Carnaby Street in probably over a decade.

I certainly wasn't for my return this evening.

What the hell has happened to the place?

Gentrification, for sure.

All of the indie Mod shops have now been replaced by the chains.

It was crap.

Utter crap.

I buggered off back to Sunny Stockwell and sulked with a Lidl cheese pastie.

Brixton Buzz bits and bobs took up the evening.

Stuff elsewhere has led to a growing news list.

I'm slowly working through it.

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