I packed Anna off to Transpontonia incredibly early.

And then Tuesday came to a shuddering halt.

I was housebound with a run of stop / start work shifts.

Mid-morning I attempted to tinker with the dishwasher.

Bad move, Jase. Bad move.

The handle has become slightly loose.

No worries - I can fix this by whipping off the front cover, tightening up the loose screw and then putting it all back together once again.

DIY Jase strikes again.


About an hour later and it was just about a job well done.

Never take things apart to see how they work. You'll never be able to put them back to together again, as Uncle Bill once sung.

The evening garden watering session is starting to take longer to complete. This must be a sign that mid-summer is almost upon us.

We attempted to move some 'plants' (haven't a clue what) from the front to the back garden over the weekend.

I think that we've managed to kill them off.

I started to work through my growing Brixton Buzz news list towards the close of Tuesday.

There's some half decent ideas in there in the leads that I'm getting. But few of them actually stack up.

Most seem like non-stories for the sake of it.

Just Tell It Like It Is, etc.

I randomly watched a BT Sport film on the Bradford fire.

I remember it well.

Thirty years ago.


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