A Wifey Bank Holiday Boner to start the day.

It was back to the road bike after the excursion on the tourer yesterday.

The bike felt good, the legs not so.

I still had absolutely no idea where we were cycling.

A couple of arsehole Bank Holiday drivers came close to spoiling the ride, but we got round safe and without any mechanicals.

And then work.

I messed up with the Bank Holiday dates.

No worries.

Test match cricket kept me company.

Anna disappeared to do the golf thing shortly after luncheon.

I was pleased to be working to be honest.

My Bank Holiday Monday evening of JOY was spent balls deep in an FoI spreadsheet.

It still doesn't make any sense.

We're talking finance here. The FoI response appears to have left a missing 000 off the end of the calculations.

This hasn't been referenced in any explanation of the figures.

For some reason I ended Monday evening listening to some Diesel Park West.

Still got it.


Still got it.

Keep the Faith.

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