Early Sunday morning saw the inaugural roll out of the Colne Valley Cycling Tourist Club.

If I'm foolish enough to buy a bloody tourer then I'm going to take the credit for the Colne Valley CTC.

I was the lone tourer for the first ride. Anna sprinted ahead on her carbon monstrosity.

She appeared to dance away on the pedals with little effort. I had an enjoyable ride, but it was a struggle to hold her back wheel.

Overall I was pleased with the new purchase. The steel forks are certainly sturdy and gave me a strong handling and a firm ride.

I'm not sure how the 60kmh max speed was clocked. The average of 22kmh felt about right.

There was a slight incident on the run in back to Sunny Colch.

An over-sized Essex boy failed to remove his seat belt in sufficient time as he pulled over to lamp me one.

It started when he became impatient for me to turn right on route to the pool. He gave me a polite bump from behind.

Cheers, fat fella.

I asked him what he was doing.

I needn't have bothered.

It was clear that he was about to pull over and try and take me out.

But yeah - never underestimate how long it will take a twenty stone plus fat Essex f-er to undo his seat belt.

I was halfway to doing my first length.

It was a similar race against time back at base.

A quick mowing of the lawn, a compost run from the Co-op, and re-arranging the wormery - all done before the estuary wilds rain started.

And then it was time to Relegate a Geordie.

Except it didn't happen.


The remainder of Sunday was spent with Brixton Buzz action, photo editing and Giro highlights.

A working day tomorrow :disappointed:

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