An early morning train journey into Sunny Colch.

The purpose was twofold: buy bike, lose bike.

My MTB has finally gone past the point of no repair. Time to upgrade.

Buy MTB!


Buy hybrid!

Hang on.

What about buy touring bike?

How the hell did I get to this default position of being an old fella that plods along on a sturdy tourer?

Truth be hold and I absolutely hate MTB's. The only need and purpose for me is to get from one end of the trail to the other.

I occasionally use the MTB to ride into Sunny Colch, rather than take the roadie or Brompton.

And so how about a tourer that will tick all of the boxes?

A bit of an online nosey the night before and it soon became clear that the LOVELY Colchester Cycle Store had the exact Dawes model that I was after in stock - and on sale too.

Job's a good 'un.

And so I was in town by 8:30am and all set for the sale.

Sunny Colch is weird.

Best paraphrase that, Jase.

Sunny Colch is weird before the shops open.

It was strangely quiet until around 10am. It reminded me of the days of my own shop work back in the Fair City.

Saturday mornings were always a little wonky. This was the time to recover from the hangover, ahead of the mad Saturday afternoon rush.

The bike shop didn't open until a little later, and so I wandered around the town doing the photo thing.

I strayed into the Dutch Quarter, the first time in around four years. It was incredibly peaceful.

And then I did the business with the bike.

The frame was ever so slightly too small. Add in an extended stem and a raised seat pole, and I just about got away with it.

The plan was then to liberate the MTB by leaving it unlocked down at the train station. I no longer have any use for it.

But my timing was perfect with a train just pulling into the station. I put both bikes back on the train and headed off back to base.

I'm still not sure what to do with the buggered MTB.

I gave the tourer a short ride out to the pool after luncheon. I will take it on the trail, but not for now. The steel forks felt incredibly sturdy.

Not so for my swimming technique.

I had a lane to myself, but still managed to create more of a splash than a stylish swathe through the water.

We watched the final session of the Test, and then went out in search of local booze.

Oh Lordy.

It wasn't that bad.

West Ham Wanker turned up to the local music / beer fest.

Well I never.

I didn't recognise him with his clothes on, etc.

We bailed out early to continue the BOOZE back at base.

Plus Test match highlights, RHS Chelsea, Giro and some Weller.

A GOOD day.

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