Emma Fitness paced me for the early morning swim.

As the name suggests, Emma Fitness is fit. She pretty much lives at the gym.

I quit after 40 lengths, leaving her to swim another 400 or so.

It was a GLORIOUS estuary wilds morning.

Make hay, etc.

Three loads of washing, a Brixton Buzz post and cat sick cleared up - all before 9am as well.

Neil the Painter then came round.

But Neil is much more than a painter.

The side wall is having a new lick of paint, damp patches are being addressed and pictures are being hung.

It's Anna WEIRD choice of artwork.

I told Neil to hang them in a dark corner and be done with.

I finally got round to downloading the new Weller album mid-morning. I've changed my opinion.

Am I allowed to do that?

Having streamed it last week, I thought that yer man had entered another treading water, Weller by numbers phase.

But seeing him play the songs live at the BBC Theatre last week changed all of that.

Fickle, Jase. Fickle.

What would you rather want? Eton Rifles 2015, or electronic noodlings experimentation?

I did some work for the remainder of the morning in preparation for the Year 6 school play.

Half term week is approaching and the pupils have songs to learn.

We've set up a secure area on the school site where they can access the songs.

Stop / start work shifts elsewhere dominated the day. Plus flicking back and forth between the Test and Surrey away at Northants.

Early evening was spent gardening.

Phew. Rock 'n' Roll, etc.

And then Test match highlights, RHS Chelsea (swoon), the Giro and DARTS.


Chin chin.

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