Some early morning rubber frustration to start Wednesday.

I made the error of entering the rubber lane at the lovely lido.

They hunt in pack, these wetsuit boys.

Three of them were swimming in a train. They didn't take any prisoners.

It wasn't so much the pace that was the problem - I could keep up with them.

What was annoying was that once they reached the end of each length, they then held a mini-conference to decide whose turn it was to lead out the train.

Balls to that.

Just bloody swim, fellas.

I only managed 12 lengths this morning. Time was tight. I had to be over in SE17 for 9 sharpish as part of a school trip.

And that pretty much took up all of Wednesday.

Year 1 performing on stage at the National Theatre.

It was ACE.

I did the usual video / audio / photo running around. Plus experimenting with Vine for the first time in a school.

You've only got six seconds, young man. Please say something interesting.

I use to head out on school trips regularly back in the day. I've somehow slipped out of the habit.

I need to work on this as the summer beach trip season approaches.

I headed back over there early Wednesday evening.


A glass of red certainly helped. And so did the Dexy's album, something that I refuse to stop playing.

I managed to get all the content from the National Theatre edited and published before bedtime.

The deal was a day out, but make sure that it is online so the lovely kids can see it first thing tomorrow.

Job's a VERY good 'un.

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