The early morning lovely lido swim was substituted for a King of Clap'ham Common run instead.

Rain was forecast around Transpontonia from 7am. My Brompton just doesn't do the rain, dahhhling.

By 7:15am and there was no sign of the rain.

I dithered.

I gave it until 7:30am, but still no drops.

A school assembly in SE21 was creeping up on me.


Just Do It, etc.

And so I did, once around Clap'ham Common, and then back to Sunny Stockwell for a quick shower.

I left the flat and the rain just started to hit SW8. I probably could have got away with a lido swim after all.

The day in SE21 was another WOH working day.

It just went. I'm not sure where to, but I came out with an iPhone saying that my storage was full to capacity, and 2,700 words bashed out on the fly on the MacBook.

The second half of the summer term is always a transition period for most SEN schools. The pupils move up ahead of the September term. Time is needed to feel at ease with the change.

I became rather confused walking around various classrooms.

A brief stop back in Stockwell, and then I cycled off to Waterloo to meet up with @Darryl1974 for the bloody Garden Bridge meeting.

A broad coalition of opposition has been built. Any top table that includes the Greens, the LibDems, Labour and the chuffing Tax Payers' Alliance is slightly broader than my waistline.

It was a very useful meeting, albeit something of an echo chamber.

JoLu's bloody Garden Bridge is just a bad idea.

Tech wise and I tweeted the arse out of the meeting whilst Disco Darryl streamed it via @mixlr.

His iPhone was dying and so he plugged into my ee power bar.

My iPhone signal was shit, and so I pimped off his 4G hotspot.

Whoever said collaboration with shhh hyperlocals is dead?

Monday came to a close with a number of new leads and blatant political gossip coming my way.

Well I never.

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