Up early with the summer daylight.

I had a backlog of school content that needed editing and publishing.

There's a busy few days coming up with work and play. If this backlog wasn't cleared, then it would just clutter up my various storage devices.

There was a sense of satisfaction in uncluttering. I celebrated with a Wifey Weekend Roll Out bicycle ride.


We cycled off around the mean streets of Tendring. I had absolutely no idea where we were.

I found my legs for the final third of the ride. I was pleased with the 25.4kmh average over a 37.5km course.

We seemed to gatecrash an official race for the run in home.

I was impressed with Anna's frustration as the proper lycra boys slowed us down, and she put her head down and sped past them.

A bit of gardening back at base, and then I was bound for the Colchester Arts Centre early afternoon.

I had some more work helping out at the second Warm and Toasty session with @snippetcuts.

My brief is to basically blog the arse out of the event.

It was pretty manic, capturing video, audio, pics and endless tweets.

Lovely, lovely afternoon though.

I had to head straight from the Arts Centre and back over to South London for the working week ahead.

Some Porto team had won something.

Half of Sunny Stockwell was out celebrating with the car horns.

LOVE IT around here :blush:

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