My Saturday morning was shattered when I arrived at the Brockwell Park run, only to see that Madam Pacemaker was hunting me down.

"I'm up for it this morning - you in?"

...she rather disappointingly asked.


I LOVE Madam Pacemaker. She guides me around the BW Run, and then buggers off at the end with a sprint finish that I can never live with.

She is the sole reason my PB came down to 20:09.

It 'aint shifting any lower.

But then each week I turn up, see her enthusiasm and think YEAH, let's do this.

I felt good for the first circuit of the park. We paced our run perfectly, catching up the early sprinters, and then making some progress on the first Cressingham climb.

I knew what was coming next.

BMX Hill.


Seeing Madam Pacemaker drop her arms to her hips is a sign that yep, SHE IS UP FOR IT.

You go, Madam Pacemaker.


I waved her along, and then plodded around the second circuit alone.

I was overtaken with some style by Mr Nu Labour Cllr.

He gave me a smirk as he sped past.

The wag.

The beauty of Lake Brockwell was far more peaceful.

It was another BLOODY LOVELY Brockwell blue swim of a morning.

I stayed around for a few chats, but time was against me. It was ACE to catch up with @Hendopolis for the first time this season.

Conversations elsewhere were all about Chuka.

Oh dear.

I noticed all too briefly as I was leaving the progress being made on replacing the lido decking. This fascinates me.

The old decking has been down for around 15 summers. I remember when it was first put in place.

And now it is being ripped up, plank by plank.

What lies underneath is absolute Brockwell Gold - the Transpontine social history of layers of long since forgotten lido artefacts.

The concrete!

Under the paving stone, Brixton Beach, etc Comrades.

My previous 'lively' lido lifestyle has seen a few scenes being played out on those very same concrete slabs.

I headed back over there briefly at lunchtime. I've got some work at the Arts Centre on Sunday afternoon and so need to be around for that.

I arrived back at base just in time to see the Surrey innings in the t20 twaddle.

I still haven't recovered from the thrashing at The Oval last night.

I don't think that the 'rrey have either.

Anna and I had a rare Quayside BOOZE trip late afternoon.

The estuary sun was shining. It just seemed right to soak up the sun and the alcohol.

It was most pleasurable.

It became a mini-pub crawl with a trip to the Black Buoy as well.

And then a spot of drunken gardening, followed by the Giro highlights.


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