The cycle to the pool this morning was crap.

My MTB is buggered.

This was always part of the plan.

Five years of estuary wilds abuse, five summers of it being serviced.

But there comes a time when the MTB has b0Rked and is in need of a replacement.

Now is that time.

I tried to tinker with the gears last night. This led to the chain being marooned on the smallest ring.

The cycle to the pool was bloody hard work. It took almost twice the time.

I've resolved to replace the MTB with a hybrid. Best of both worlds, etc.

A bit of work back at base and then a catch up with the industrious Mr Roof Man.

Job's a good 'un, etc.

And then it was time to head to Transpontonia for the next week or so.

I made it down to Stockwell just in time for the 2pm work shift.

I fired up @RobertElms, so to speak, and whaddyaknow: the South London soundtrack of Freddie McGregor was playing out.

I Just Don't Want to be Lonely was up for consideration in Cover to Cover.

The Main Ingredient Vs Mr McGregor.

Freddy McGregor and cheese reggae was part of my youth. Such memories.

I'm still searching around for some of those long lost Greensleaves thick 12" vinyl releases. Very much of their time, all ACE.

Freddy finished first in Cover to Cover.

As it should be.

A quick LIDL stop, and then it was:

To Broadcasting House! To see Weller!

I was surprised how easy it was to blag a couple of tickets for yer man's R2 gig in the West End.

Having listened to the new album, I'm now a little better informed.

Of course it was a promo ahead of the official release on Monday; of course it was all slightly staged.

But I still LOVE seeing Weller, and then getting all giddy-eyed about 1985 and all that.

The set itself was pretty special. An hour and fifteen minutes of old meets the new.

The sound quality was amazing. Seeing yer man up front with only 300 in the audience was ACE.

Broken Stones.


Keep the Faith, etc.

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