I'm losing count of the number of times I take the train to Sunny Colch WITH my bicycle.

Which can only mean one thing: PUNCTURES REPAIR TIME.

Pop, etc.

Having had a masterclass in inner tube fiddling the night before, @pmmikes and I (OK, it was him) worked out that my RIM tape was an issue.

'aint that always the case?

And so I took the roadie into town to be re-rimmed.

Colchester Cycles were lovely as ever. They recognised the error on the new roadie and fixed it at no cost.

I had half an hour or so to walk around town and take a few snaps.

I'm running out of Sunny Colch locations.

I nervously cycled off to the pool. Any minor defect in the road had me on RIM watch.

The pool was empty.

I did get to hear some chiropody tips from West Ham Wanker though.

Cheers, fella.

Back at base and Mr Roof Man is making good progress. The front of the house has been fixed. He made a move on the shed mid-afternoon.

I retreated with the mad cat to the desk from Colchester / Raj for an afternoon and evening of work shifts.

I listened to the new Weller album via The Graun.

As per the last two releases, a slight disappointed followed.

22 Dreams remained a recent hight point for yer man.

I'm off to see him tomorrow, mind :wink:

Surrey cricket commentary kept me company for the remainder of the afternoon.

Woh. Where did that run chase come from?

Amazing stuff from the 'rrey.

It will probably be a slower run rate when then the t20 nonsense starts on Friday evening.

Wednesday came to a close with a FaceTime 3-way between Anna, me and the mad cat, and then the Giro highlights.


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