Delicate legs for the morning ride out to the pool.

I'm still aching after the seaside ride on Sunday.

West Ham Wanker was off on one in the changing rooms.

He was spinning some yarn about the case of the mistaken underpants identity.

I kept up with this for all of three minutes, but then got bored and headed for the water.

A busy old swim.

Three in the lane.

I managed to take a wrap on the knuckles from a man who really shouldn't have been in the fast lane.

It was a His 'n' Hers working day from home.

Anna blagged the Desk from the Raj / Colchester. I was stuck in the pokey office with the crap view.

Which was a shame because the first work task of the morning was the annual appraisal, all carried out via a Skype video feed.

I detected disappointment in the eyes of m'work colleague - hopefully from the surroundings, and not from my responses.

Surrey cricket kept me company for the day.


Likewise the lovely fella from Transition Town Wivenhoe who came round late afternoon with my fully repaired Brompton bag.

I dropped it off at the library on Saturday with a slight tear in the stitching. It was patched up to perfection, and all for the price of a small donation.


We gave the garden a damn good water early evening.

Gotta say it's looking great.

Going to give it some wide angle lens photography action tomorrow.

And then Monday came to a close with some channel hopping between the Arsenal match and the Sheff Utd play-off game.

Poor Young Nigel :disappointed:

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