Fingerless gloves for a Sunday morning cycle to the beach.

This felt like the first proper ride of what I am optimistically calling the summer.

The idea was for bruncheon on the beach, and then to be back at base in time for the football.


Bloody puncture.

It actually wasn't that bad. My front inner came a cropper coming down Tenpenny Hill, a couple of miles from home.

As ever, I am hopeless at fixing these.

And so I walked.

An old boy on a beautiful bone shaker caught me up on the final stretch. He very kindly offered to fix the puncture for me.

I don't think that his mechanical skills were any match for a 2015 roadie model.

But it was genuinely very, very lovely all the same that he stopped to help out.

And that pretty much meant that Sunday was a write off.

I recorded Metroknobbers with @Darryl1974 early evening, edited it and then published it just before bedtime.

Completely random, no preparation, just Tell It Like It Is.

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