A bit of a windy Wifey Weekend Roll Out.

I was leading.

We got lost.


Gardening was on the agenda mid-morning. The first mow of the lawn for the season is always worth celebrating. I had milky cup of tea and surveyed my work.

Ipswich Vs Norwich, and then the fag end of Everton Vs Sunderland followed.

We cycled off again for an afternoon swim. My knees were aching. My body is falling apart.

Anna pressed on ahead in the pool. I kept with her for 20 lengths, but then couldn't maintain the pace.

We had a few errands to run around town.

I had a rare moment of being a spend thrift.

I bought a new pair of running shoes, a new phone case and some make up.


Some make up.

But we don't really talk about that (unless we want to call it 'male grooming' products - which it clearly isn't, seeing as though it was on the women's make up aisle at Boots.)

BOOZE and bad films filled Saturday evening.

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