I'm not sure technically where to start this Friday update.

At one minute past midnight when I was just warming up at the Colchester Borough Council General Election count?

Or 11am on Friday morning picking up from where I left off with the blog entry yesterday?

Times passages, etc.

And so I was at the CBC count until 7am on Friday morning.

The plan was to sleep until around midday, and then do it all again for the local election count.

But of course that never happened.

I had Chronic blogging bits and bobs to catch up with.

And then election catching up with Anna.

Plus some BBuzz bobbins as well.

It was almost time to head off our for the local count. We both felt very smelly. We both went for a swim.

It was just what I needed. No sleep for over 24 hours, and in desperate need of an energy boost for the count to come.

It wasn't the most dynamic of swims - 20 lengths, and then I was chatted up by a wrinkly in the shallow end.


I made it in time for the 4pm election count start. I was all prepared to bed in for an 8pm finish.

Mr Returning Man did brisk business. We were done and dusted by 7pm.

A cycle back to base, a bit more blogging and then BOOZE.

Politics aside, life's good, innit?

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