The day started writing a blog post about my old friend @JackHopkins_Lab. It ended with us having a man hug and a selfie together come close of play.


That wasn't part of the chuffing script.

And so To Transpontonia!

...early on Thursday morning.

It was much needed. My estuary wilds mind and body was restless.

First stop: SE17.

As ever, pretty much everything was covered running around the BEST school in Southwark.

Highlights for today included recording Nursery children telling me about their trip to the Horniman, Year 6 summarising the Three Little Pigs in ten seconds or under, and then a bit of funk and a Year 1 and Year 2 dance display.

I really wanted to join in to be honest.

I was once a half-decent dancer. I once had half-decent hair.

What happened?

A quick LIDL dash, and then I cycled off to the entertainment for the evening, the hustings for the Prince's ward by-election that is taking place next week.

It's the by-election that no one really wanted.

The real reason for it being called still hasn't been properly explained either...

It was a decent event, very different from the estuary wilds gathering the night before.

Genuine choice is on offer here - everything from Comrade Kingsley through to the free market Tory fella.

As ever, the truth is somewhere in the middle - which will mean that Nu Labour will bag the seat once again.

It was Kate Hoey Wot Won It will be the headline.

I hope the Comrades will thank Kate for her effort.

And so yeah - then it was time for that selfie.

Nu Labour and Nu Danger both grinning together once again.

I think I need a long, long swim in the lovely lido.

Tomorrow morning can't come quick enough, Comrades.

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