A heavy day of writing.

Here, there, and anywhere bloody where else in-between.

I'm sad to say that I've been reduced to working in silence as well.

It's that tricky time of the year for me when the Surrey cricket season crosses over with @RobertElms.

I've tried to flit and flirt between the two, but I end up LISTENING to audio, and then working.

It should be the other way around.

And so I've taken to silence. My productivity has increased; my iTunes podcast To Listen To list has become out of control.

In Water Butt News: My butt is overflowing again.


That was quite a soaking

End of the months means invoicing and admin.


The back ups of the back ups of the back ups remains my least favourite task to complete each month.

I've never actually had the need to access any of this data in over a decade of working this way.

There are two types of people though: those that back up, and those that lose data.

Live dangerously, Jase. Live dangerously.

Scheduled work shifts took up the rest of the afternoon, as well as fretting about the mad cat.

She is due her worming session.

I wimped out.

She is also being left alone overnight tomorrow.

Fret, fret, fret.

I headed off to Sunny Colch early evening for a hustings event at the Town Hall.

It was decent - well supported and some thoughtful questions and responses.

I'm still troubled by the five white males that make up the 'choice' for the election.

Plus there's not a lot policy wise to divide them either.

Transpontonia tomorrow :blush:

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