I dragged by aching limbs down to the lovely lido early-ish on Sunday morning.

I was still pretty whacked after running all around town on Saturday.

The swim sorted me out.

Ten lengths of Lake Brockwell was the aim. Twelve was a bonus.

I got papped on the way out of the water.

Oh dear.

The bloody showers were luke warm. I reckon that the 15.1 degrees pool temperature was actually warmer.

In Lovely Lido Wisteria News: The lovely lido wisteria is in full bloom.


We're still playing catch up with the estuary wilds wisteria over there.

Actually, that's true on oh so many fronts.

A quick LIDL run and then some mid-morning Brixton Buzz action action.

I was pretty pissed off how those who really should know better attempted to demonise Reclaim Brixton from yesterday.

I bashed out a response for BBuzz and put it out there.

And then out went the shout of:

"To The Oval!"

ACE, etc.

The first Surrey home match of the season, and whaddya know: it was against bloody Essex.

It seems that the 'rrey play the good ol' Essex boys every bloody week.

What a delight this was though: Sangakkara and KP at the crease, and Monty striding up to bowl.

All of this was taking place five minutes from my front door.

LOVE Transpontonia.

After a bit of a mad week or so, I was hoping that this would be a winding down session, aka on the piss in the Pavilion.

But I was too knackered to take the drinking seriously.

Plus it was bloody cold.

I was wearing a pair of tights underneath my trousers, and fours layers on top.

I only managed three pints.

A touch of slightly drunken gardening took place back in Sunny Stockwell, a bit of housework and then preparing for the week ahead.

Which just happens to involve cricket.

Job's a good 'un.

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