Another power swim to start the day - I make this three consecutive half-decent efforts at cutting through the water.

A little lane congestion slowed me down towards the end. I can give (and dig) as hard as I can take it.

A brief return back to the estuary wilds, only to find that it was another His 'n' Hers working from home day.

Oh dear.

Anna was on the warpath at work. I was kicked out to South London. Can't complain.

I headed off to Impact Hub Brixton. This was a long overdue meet and greet.

The ideas that I heard were interesting. I greatly enjoyed the conversation (and free food).

My suggestion of mentoring local Lambeth Y11 students to help develop a business project was well received.


I cycled back to Sunny Stockwell for a run of afternoon work shifts, just in time to hear Al Stewart with @RobertElms.

ACE, etc

The Year of the Cat still leaves me GRINNING, every time.

Plus back over there and it has most definitely been The Year of the Mad Cat.

Ta for the cat sick first thing this morning, luv.

Funky Friday was all about the British Hustle.

Brit Funk remains the BEST.

Junior's Intuition had me tapping away at the work keyboard in time with the bassline.

The working shifts came to a close whilst listening to @SE1 using mixlr to broadcast live from the Bermondsey and Old Southwark hustings.

I could have just opened my lounge window and (almost) heard the debate.

But how brilliant that a local blogger can head out with his iPhone and deliver democracy back to others.

A quick LIDL run, and then I rolled out with Critical Mass.

It was a lively old ride, but as ever, a little too North London centric for my liking.

Big old day in Brixton tomorrow, Comrades.

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