A most unexpected Adam Faith / Budgie conversation early morning in the pool.

No surprises that it involved West Ham Wanker's mate.

I LOVE Budgie.

I'm learning to LOVE West Ham Wanker and West Ham Wanker's mate.

Top fellas.

A fantastic swim followed.

FIFTY lengths.

In yer face, Thursday.

I fell asleep back at base for the rest of the day.

Only joking.

Network Rail was decent enough to respond to my FoI over the Brixton Arches evictions.

The increasingly annoying 'commercial sensitivities' was quoted as the reason for not disclosing what should be public information.

The suspicion that we have at Brixton Buzz is that Lambeth Council knew about the evictions, long before the back-tracking and half-arsed attempts at support started.

Exploring 'other options...'

And then I settled down for the working day.

It was something of a struggle to be honest.

Policy changes, internal communications and an increasingly hit and miss bloody estuary wilds WIFI connection.

It held up though for Cover to Cover with @RobertElms: Edith Piaff Vs Miss Grace Jones and La Vie en Rose.


Where to start?

With the original I guess.

I LOVE Gracie. She can do no wrong with my listening tastes.

Edith did the business though.

Scheduled work shifts came to a close. I then shifted towards some school video work.

Something has gone very, very wrong with my seamless way of working on the fly.

It can all be traced back to the latest bloody iOS upgrade.

It's taken me the best part of week to edit and upload video content from three schools. I'm thinking of going back to the clunky iPad way of working.

Tech: overrated.

A brisk water of the thirsty garden, some stretching, some office admin and then I was ready to welcome Anna back from Transpontonia.

I'm heading out the other way tomorrow :blush:

DARTS, CRICKET, BOOZE completed Thursday.

Chin chin.

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