A different day, a different flower on the trail en route to the morning swim.

If it's a Wednesday then it must mean that the estuary dandelions have come out to play.

Rows and rows of deep, golden yellow WEEDS lined my route. I felt like I was processioning all the way to the pool.

It will be dog shit day tomorrow.

Meanwhile, In Knackered Knee News: my knees are knackered. Again.

I've no idea what caused the pain this time. The arthritis seemed to have disappeared with the endless stretches each night.

My current hypochondria obsession isn't arthritic, just bloody sore.

The swim eased the creaking ever so slightly.

Work and cricket was the ideal combination for the remainder of the day.

@surreycricket ball-by-ball in Cardiff warmed me up, and then come stumps it was time to switch to the Test.

It was a working evening, going all the way through until the close of play in the Caribbean.

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