An early morning swim was rewarded with a rare appearance of the Incredible Treading Water Lady.

She doesn't swim, she treads water, natch.

But somehow still manages to move as well.

Not very fast, or even very far, mind.

Me? I managed 40 lengths, a changing room chat with Old Archie and then cycled back along an incredibly dry trail.

The estuary wilds garden has blossomed since my time in Transpontonia.

I marked the occasion with a random set of snaps. I do the same thing every spring. I could just cut and paste from last year.

Slowly, slowly, Anna and I are starting to leave our own anarchic gardening footprint on the land.

And so is the mad cat. What 'compost' do you think helps to turn those tulips such a delicious red colour?

Naughty, naughty girl.

It was a Brixton Buzz heavy morning.

We had a minor tussle with the other lot over the weekend. We're calling it our reason to Keep on Keeping On.

And then work shifts kicked in for the afternoon and the evening.

It was the first working day of the year spent outside in the estuary wilds garden.


The sun conveniently radiates down on my DIY office set up from 1pm - the exact time that the working shifts started for me today.

The @surreycricket commentary was my afternoon working companion.

I moved indoors early evening and switched to the Test match.

Hurrah for cricket.


I had further video woes later in the evening.

My seamless system of shooting, editing and uploading all via mobile has been b0Rked by upgrading to bloody iOS 8.3.

Airdrop is rubbish, btw.

It's taken me almost two days to turn around some school videos that I normally wrap up on the train.


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