A headstand start for the day down at the lovely lido very early on Monday morning.

I've absolutely no idea why, but the good @mutley69 was doing a headstand down at the deep end before a spot of dry diving.

A sudden rush to the head, etc.

The extra head heat wasn't needed, even though the water temperature had mischievously dipped .1 of a degrees overnight down to 14.9.

It was absolutely perfect.

Time was tight however at the start of the working week. The clock was counting down for a school assembly, and so I only had time for ten lengths.

A WEIRD sexual health conversation then followed back in the gents.

I hope that the ladies next door couldn't overhear.

And then it was time for the EPIC work commute, all the way up Croxted Road and a school day Somewhere in SE21.

The school singing assembly was as uplifting as ever.

I am starting to tire ever so slightly of Let It Go though...

Just bloody let it go etc.

I ran around from Reception through to Year 11, writing, snapping and recording video and audio.

Pretty exhausting, but pretty good fun all the same.

Boy Y was a STAR, as ever.

You could write a book / blog out of his random quotes.

And then I legged it at chucking out time, cycled over east and headed back to over there.

Oh dear.


Don't forget to breathe, Jase..

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