A cold morning at the lido.

I'm not sure why. The water temperature was actually up slightly from yesterday at bang on 15 degrees. The air temperature wasn't far off.

I felt a shiver though as did the Walk of Shame past the Lido Cafe and all set for the dry dive.

I shouldn't have worried.

One length in and I was loving it.

The aim was to reach 12 lengths. I just kept on going.

Twenty lengths in total were completed on Sunday morning, the first serious swim of the new season.

A whole gang of girls got into the water just as I was finishing the final few lengths.

It was all a bit weird - around 15 in total, non seasoned winter swimmers and splashing around at 9am in the morning.

A lido hen party?

I fled for cover and the safety of the gents.

Sunday morning was then all about the gardening.

It's been 18 months now since we took back the Sunny Stockwell flat. The front garden was a bloody mess when we moved back in.

A decade of neglect had led to ivy completely taking over. The whole garden was covered in ivy. It had grown to around five inches in thickness for the trunk.

I've spent the best part of the past year hacking away and cleaning up the garden.

Underneath all of the growth were empty bottles, syringes and used condoms.


We started planting some bulbs just ahead of the autumn, and then a few other spring planters a couple of months back.

The rewards are now starting to show.

It's a continuous job to clear up the crap that some folk throw over the front wall. Plus there's plenty of weeding and general sweeping up.

But I'm very proud of our little patch of South London that I can call our own.

Next up was a window clean. I haven't a head for heights and so didn't look down and just got on with it.

I cycled to the South Bank just after luncheon. I had a very loose aim of looking around The Globe as part of the Open Day celebrations for the Bard's birthday next week.

But the queues were bloody horrendous.

I walked instead from Bankside down to Waterloo, snapping away as I went.

Sunday evening was spent with a slightly irritating video editing session across various school site.

My quick turnaround method of editing and upload all via mobile seems to have come stuck via the latest iOS upgrade.

Either that or I'm working off a painfully slow connection in the Sunny Stockwell flat. The broadband speed test doesn't seem to suggest this.

Still - I've got another school day tomorrow to test out the theory all over again.

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