A relatively mild hangover for Saturday morning. That's what two pints of strong Bal'ham BOOZE does for you.

I admit that dragging my arse over to Brockwell Park for the @bwparkrun wasn't high on my agenda as the alcohol fog descended over my forehead.

But I made it to the start line for 9am and pondered how I was going to get around.


...said Madam Pacemaker as she enthusiastically made her way to the front of the pack ahead of the start.


There's no escaping.

"Do you fancy going for it this morning?"


"C'mon, we can PB this one together."

Oh Lordy.

I paced her through the front lido stretch. Madam Pacemaker then dragged me up Cressingham Hill.


...said the lovely @bwparkrun volunteer.


Back down towards Herne Hill, and then up BMX Hill.

Madam Pacemaker look determined. Her arms were cutting through the South London air, a sign that I now know means PB or bust.

We didn't bust, although I did chunder as I crossed the finish line.

What a bloody waste of two pints of strong Bal'ham lager.

PB SMASHED though. 22:09 - happy with that.

And then it was:

"To the lido!"

We have now entered the rubber boy season. Hordes of wetsuits turn up at the lovely lido once the water hits 15 degrees. The Triathlon lot have the resilience of a cold cup of tea.

I was elbowed out by a particularly determined Tri Boy.

But he hadn't seen my total immersion in action.

A winter of swimming outdoors at Lake Brockwell is worth more than the price of your poncey wetsuit. I sailed past him.

Take that, rubber boy.

A quick shower, a cycle back to Sunny Stockwell, and then out again up the road to the Oval Farmer's Market.

The occasion was the Vauxhall hustings.

It was ACE.

Nine candidates, including the Vauxhall WHIGS, and the Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol party.

I'd personally like to see a merger of the two.

I saw a few Comrades from Lambeth Labour. We actually has some decent and friendly conversations.

Kate was of course in control.

I live tweeted it all, plus grabbed some video and audio.

There was no time to publish it as Transpontine del Curva was up next.

Dulwich Hamlet.

Bloody hell.

An all-ticket crowd filled Champion Hill to the 3,000 maximum capacity. The 0-0 draw didn't live up to the occasion, but it was good to see Maidstone win the league at Champion Hill.

Saturday evening was spent catching up with some BBuzz hustings action, and then editing the pics from Dulwich.


Heading off for a couple of pints of Bal'ham BOOZE.

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