A day spent in SE17.

Varied, as ever.

I particularly enjoyed the Y5 General Election assembly. They had so much knowledge, perspective and maturity.

I've been trying to think back when I first became aware of politics. It certainly wasn't as a Y5 pupil.

A pretty big story broke over there midway through the assembly.


I managed to blag an interview and bash out a hit and miss blog post, all before the bell rang for the afternoon session.

The silliness of the Insanity workout was thankfully cancelled for this week. I'm still aching from the bike ride from last night.

Plus I had a few early evening chores back in the flat.

It's proving impossible to get Anna and I in the same Sunny Stockwell flat at the same time - let alone the same bed.


But we had a joint bed shifting task to carry out before she buggered off back to over there.

I pegged it over to Herne Hill early evening for the Herne Hill Forum's election hustings.

It was ACE.

Absolutely packed, and evidence that politics really matters around these parts.

The questions covered everything from Trident to the selling of local school fields.

Sadly no Free Swimming for Every Resident.

The rest of the evening was spent bashing out the BBuzz piece.

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