If it's a Friday morning then it must mean the LOVELY LIDO.

The water temperature has crept up to just under 15 degrees this week. This is the tipping point in the lido summer season calendar.

Fifteen degrees was always the temperature in which I returned to the waters of Lake Brockwell back in the day, before we had the pleasure of winter swimming.

It was always the most painful swim of the year.

As for 2015?


A winter of outdoor swimming where we went as low as three degrees has made 15 seem positively tropical.

I ditched one of the two swimming hats for Friday. My Speedos will be making an appearance next week.

This is the BEST time in the lido calendar. Your dangly bits no longer invert [ooh], yet the water is still fresh enough to keep you GRINNING all day.

Plus the fair weather swimmers have yet to make an appearance.

I shared a lane this morning with @mutley69 and @gipatkinson.

It is a very reassuring feeling to be swimming in a pool that you have called home for the past twenty years, surrounded by friends who hopefully all feel the same.

The Brockwell blue water was clear from the deep to the shallow end. Around me I could see @PeterIntheswim, @iciclepeter, @Kingwellfish and even @OneEyeGrey.

ALL lido lovers, ALL lovers of life.

Once again: ALIVE, South London.

Love it.

I stayed around for some changing room silliness, and then cycled back through Brixton and on to Sunny Stockwell for a day spent in SW9.

This is was first time back here since the Easter school break. Staff and students seemed refreshed and ready for the summer term slog.

Boy Y took a shine to my wedding ring:

"Sir, is it that you is married?"

Before he had the chance to ask his next question, I confirmed that yep, I am, and also that the name of my WIFE is Anna.

He gave me a knowing grin.

Top man.

I took one for the team during Year 8 PE. A tennis ball hit me right in the eye.


Never show any signs of emotion within a school.

Bloody hurt.

I headed out back towards Brixton at school chucking out time with a few errands around town.

Then back to Sunny Stockwel, and out towards Bal'ham for an evening with the Korfball Set.

Oh Lordy.

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