Another BONK to start the working week. This time on the trail.

I cycled off on the tank of a MTB to the pool. My MTB loving neighbour joined me on his [I can't chuffing believe how much that cost] new MTB.

I BONKED before we had even reached the end of the road.

Back in the water is where I belong. It was a bloody good swim.

I'm still buoyed by the compliment on Saturday that I swim the perfect total immersion technique.

Old Archie at the pool this morning reckoned that the compliment came from a swimmer who took a shine to my Speedos.

West Ham Wanker is back from his cruise. I'm sure that the cruising sorts had as much enjoyment out of his Allardyce morning moans as I do.

He still thinks that I'm a bloody Hammer.

A brief stop at B & Q and then back to base for a His 'n' Hers working day.

We were optimistic of a LABOURDOORSTEP mid-morning.

The letterbox was nervously pushed open. Both Anna and I were working at the desk from the Raj / Colchester. We could see a Comrade poke his hand through.

Anna shouted out:


Sadly we weren't knocked up :disappointed:

Stop / start work, and a bit of Neil Young with @RobertElms.

Harvest Moon sounded fantastic. Likewise for Walk Away Renee.

Early evening and the shout went out for:


I was still slightly shaken up by the bonking of yesterday. I wanted to carry out a scientific experiment to see if I could hallucinate two days in a row.

TRIPPY, etc.

Thankfully the funny faces in the fields were nowhere to be seen on Monday.

Well - not in my hallucinating world anyway.

Monday concluded with Test match cricket.

We've got four more days of this to follow.


Oh - happy birthday Al Green :blush:

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