A bike ride and a BONK.

Oh dear.

I rolled out early Sunday morning with the decent chaps from ColVelo Cycling Club.

The plan was for a 70km-ish hack up towards Hadleigh, and then back to the Velo shop to catch Paris-Roubaix.

I was left BONKING gawd knows where.

It was actually an ACE ride, only slightly disturbed by my hallucinations during the run in back to base.

Oh dear.

I kept the pace and the pack for most of the run. I was even asked to hold off on my pace sitting at the front for the first 10km or so.

The turnaround at Hadleigh was fine. I had plenty left in the tank. I even took on board a bloody awful gel bar just to make sure.

But then I noticed I was struggling as the pace picked up again. I tried to hold on to the peloton, but kept on slipping.

At first it was 1m off the back wheel, and then 2m, 3m. I accelerated each time and made the connection, but then one final push was too much.

I still felt fine, just not quite as fit as the rest of the riders.

They gave me plenty of support, but I knew I was holding the pack back. I waved them on, and then pondered a solitary ride in.

I'm not entirely sure where all of the WEIRDNESS started. My mind went very blank.

But I was cycling along lanes that I know inside out, but seeing some very different things.

Strange colours started to appear in the fields. I had a sensation of not cycling, just moving. My mind wasn't sure as to why this was happening.

Common sense should have meant that I took time out and take a roadside seat to recover.


I continued.

Not wise.

The hallucination became more vivid. I really wasn't very well.

"Symptoms of depletion include general weakness, fatigue, and manifestations of hypoglycaemia, such as dizziness and even hallucinations."

Yep - they were all there.


But I somehow made it back to base and immediately ate a whole bar of cooking chocolate, the first thing I could find in the house.

Anna wasn't happy.

Paris-Roubaix was just starting to roll out. I'll watch the first five minutes, have a milky cup of tea and then get showered, I though.

Five hours later and I woke up.

I think I passed out, rather then having fallen asleep. There was certainly no dreaming.

I missed the race, albeit the track sprint at the end.

Um, chapeau!

I recovered in time to record METROKNOBBERS with Darryl and Mr Inside Croydon. I edited it and turned it around there and then.

I'm pretty pleased with it. Between us we provide some half-decent political analysis.

I might go for a bike ride tomorrow morning...

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