That was a day.

A silly Saturday early start for Anna and I. We both had some work bollocks to bat away before the weekend could really start.

And then it was a bit of a blowy one for the Wifey Weekend Roll out.


My new carbon forks [oooh] were actually blown about half a metre across the estuary wilds lane about ten minutes in.

We soon settled in.

I tapped away the rhythm, and managed to get a steal on the girl.

There was absolutely NO ONE about. I sung some Dexy's at the top of my voice for five minutes or so.

Anna has been giving me a strange look all day.

This was the warm up ride for Paris-Roubaix to follow on Sunday.


A brief stop at base, and then we put away the roadies and got out the MTB's.


Bloody hate mountain bikes.

But needs must.

We got bloody drenched cycling along the Trail en route to the pool.

There was some retro car / bike thing going off along the Hythe. Not my kind of thing, but it all looked decent enough.

Flipper Boy was swimming in the adjacent lane.

After 40 lengths he asked me if I was swimming the "total submersion" technique.

I hadn't a bloody clue, but took the compliment anyway.

Anna was none too impressed. She responded by clumping me around the head as we passed on the next length.

My goggles let me down and started to take on water.

Sod that.

A cycle back to base, and then we headed out to Colchester.

Sorry, but firstsite was absolutely shit.

It was completely empty, both of punters and art. It felt like the last rights were being read.

I did a few snaps around town in the Sunny Colch sun.

And then we ended up at the Town Hall.


We had an invite for the Grill a Green session in the Moot Hall.

It was decent stuff, albeit all very one-sided. The panel were preaching to the converted.

I did a brief interview with the PCC for Colchester.

Booze was needed.

A couple of pints at the Odd One Out and I was ROCKING.

All the way back over there, and then an evening of A Sunday in Hell.

BIG, BIG race tomorrow.


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