Another early morning start catching up with the runners and riders for Brixton Buzz. There's no great surprises, although some of the fringe parties raised a smile.

Anna spotted the first strawberry of the season growing in the garden.

Bit early for summer festivities, Sir.

It wasn't quite your full blown bloomin' red strawberry. It was more of a green blob.

But it's getting there.

I was treated to an empty lane at the pool. My input was a sluggish swim.

Back at base and it was a rare office sharing day. I was shunted off the desk from the Raj / Colchester, and back up to my office.

Funky Friday with @RobertElms was ACE.

It was a hammond themed half hour funk session. I closed the shutters in the office and did a bit of foot shuffling.

Keep the Faith, Comrades.

I played around a little bit late afternoon with the integration of Photos into into Yosemite.

I was no fan of iPhoto, but the new way of working is even worse.

A useful dialogue with the University completed the office based tasks for the day. They are keen to work more with the Wivenhoe Forum to help bring about a better understanding.

We headed off out into Sunny Colch for the evening.

It was actually overcast.

On the menu was Fish Friday at the lovely, lovely Waiting Room.

And then the Colchester Sessions with Cool Colchester.

It got slightly messy.

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