So much for the estuary heatwave. I still needed the gilet for the short ride to the pool. I looked a right prat.

Ed Miliband was splashing around in the pool.

Not Ed Miliband, obviously, but he did look like him. He was also out of his depth.

Madam Perfume managed to empty the pool with her cheap stink in the water.

No need for that, Madam.

Cover to Cover with @RobertElms was Dark End of the Street.

An absolute soul classic.

James Carr Vs Gram Parsons.

Very, very special. Hiding in shadows where we don't belong, etc.

I prefer the bootlegged Billy Bragg version myself.

Nostalgia carried me through the afternoon work shifts: The Christians, Fairground Attraction and the LOVELY Tanita Tikaram.

Well I never.

It reminded me of the late 80's and my first job at Radio Trent back in the Fair City.

Add is the Transatlantic connection of Tracy Chapman and Michelle Shocked and I could quite easily have been back sitting at the old Castle Gate desk.

Anchored down in Anchorage, etc.


That really has happened, Comrades.

I spent the early evening bashing out a hit and miss blog post for over there.

I LOVE it when the nomination papers are published.

I'll do it all over again tomorrow morning for Brixton Buzz...

Anna returned back from Transpontonia later in the evening.

Thursday was then lost in BOOZE and darts.

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