Up early once again to see Anna off to Transpontonia.

Lucky girl.

After the cycling, swimming and canoeing of Monday, my legs were kicking for a run on Tuesday.

I started off in bright estuary sunshine, entered a hazy mist, and then managed a sprint finish as the sun was burning off the cloud cover.

An early work email to start the working day: can you set up a work blog please?

Yes, of course I can.

In fact you probably can.

But as ever - is this really thought out?

Setting up a blog is just the process. What of the input?

Who will take ownership of this? Who will update it on a regular basis? What happens when you lose interest?


I bashed out the Brixton Buzz wrap for March mid-morning. These pieces are taking longer to write. We're increasing out workload, and the sheer volume of gentrification stories is ever-growing.

And then work...

I escaped late afternoon to soak up some estuary sun. There was an odd gap in the work schedules. It seemed rude not to go out for a bit of a photographic exploration.

I was inspired earlier in the day by @jeredgruber's ACE photo essay of Gent-Wevelgem.


It got me thinking about the way that I approach images online.

There's m'photoblog, which is an unashamed dumping ground for my photos. I simply haven't the time to craft these into a photo essay.

A picture paints 1,000 words etc...

But I absolutely LOVE what @jeredgruber is achieving with his craft.

Most photo shoots that I do don't even have a story to tell. Adding in dialogue might over elaborate the images.

But I'm pondering...

Having said all that I did a clumsy hit and run shoot of the Wivenhoe Wildlife Garden.


This then led to the first proper garden watering session of the season.

My tulip heads are BULGING.

More early evening work, more Gilles Peterson, and a bit more Brixton Buzz catching up.

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