Bank Holiday Monday and a BONK with Anna.

We both struggled on the early morning bicycle ride.

Me with directions, her with the effort.

We just about got around.

I made the bicycling fashion faux pas of shooting my load too early with the shorts. A bit of a headwind around my head. Top and bottom.

It was the busiest day of the year so far for fellow cyclists.

Everyone seemed to be out, from the Team Sky lycra boys through to couples plodding along on hybrids.

I think that Anna and I sit somewhere in-between.

A brief bowl of porridge back at base, and then we ditched the roadies in favour of the MTB's for the short ride to the pool.

The Trail was HARD and FAST - the way that I like it.

The pool was WET and SLOW, um...

I somehow got dragged into a race by mistake with Anna. I pushed her to 50 lengths. She got the underwater giggles before I did.

Half of Wivenhoe appeared to be having a Bank Holiday dip.


We were now on a roll.

To the Canoes!

...went out the shout shortly after luncheon.

High tide was at 2:20pm. We managed to make in into the water for 2:40pm.


We paddled against the estuary current towards the Hythe. I panicked slightly noticing that we running out of water around the halfway point.

We let the tide carry us back towards the Quay.

A bit of a garden catch up followed. Anna planted some crap or other; I did the weeding. The mad cat was in prime show off mood, climbing on to the roof of the shed to keep a watch on us.

A bit more Brixton Buzz action early evening, and then BOOZE and the Pal-arse Man City match.

A decent Bank Holiday.

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