Up early to see Anna off to Sunny Stockwell, and then to publish some school content that has been hanging over from last week.

I was on a roll and bashed out some April Fool stories for here and there.

I find them funny. No one else will.

It was a bit of a windy one riding off to the pool.

I came to a natural halt cycling DOWN Boundary Road.

The wind was so intense that I belted out some Elvis Costello at full voice as I tried to get moving once again.

No one around me heard a word.

The swim was crap.

Hey hoe.

Work back at base was functional.

I settled down early evening for the Three Days of Da Panne.

God bless British Eurosport 2.

The Spring Classics are simply ACE. My fave cycling time of the year.

The mad cat was wormed as she ate her evening meal.

Harsh, but it had to be done.

I had a bit more school work, a bit more BBuzz action later in the evening with half an eye on the England match.

I recognised three of the England players.

Wot No Harry Hodge?

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