Another week, another delivery from Mr Framer for the Sunny Stockwell flat.

I LOVE what my man has done with The Oval poster. This was precisely what I had in mind when I lifted it from the Long Room toilets, slightly tired and emotional some eight months ago.

The North / South divide map has worked out OK as well.

The idea is that it highlights the green sports in London.

I can actually see my house :blush:

And then a swim.

It was more a case of stretching out the 9 miles that were still stuck in the legs after the Transpontine Trek on Sunday.

I had a 'date' [ha!] with a local political insider mid-morning.

We covered the agreed subject matter, and so, so much more.

Well I never.

Luncheon involved the homemade goat's cheese.

It tasted like shit.

The afternoon and evening was a mix of work shifts and publishing school content from both SE17 and SW9.

Dr Robert played out live with @RobertElms.

Always loved the man and his music.

STILL digging his scene.

The good Dr had a fine line:

"I only joined Red Wedge because I thought it was about haircuts."

I think we've all been there, Comrade.

In Cat Worming News: I failed yet again.

"Get that damned little swine out of here. It's trying to get itself in with you"


Monday evening was spent catching up with the spring Classics: Gent-Wevelgem, and um, The Battle for No 10.

Oh Lordy.

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